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Community Huddle 'Christmas At The County'

For Immediate Release
December 18, 2023
Contact: [email protected]

Community Huddle will spend 'Christmas At The County' on Christmas Day morning, December 25th, 2023.

According to the Prison Policy Initiative: Wisconsin has an incarceration rate of 663 per 100,000 people (including prisons, jails, immigration detention, and juvenile facilities). Putting that into perspective it means that it locks up a higher percentage of its people than almost any democracy on earth, that's more than the U.K., Portugal, Canada, France, Belgium, Italy, and other countries.

95,000 Wisconsin residents are behind bars or under community supervision. Of those 95,000 residents 38,000 are on probation, 22,000 are on parole, 20,000 are in state prisons, and 12,000 are in local jails. Pre-trial detention is the fastest growing part of Wisconsin's jails.

Those who cannot read by 3rd grade are at a greater risk of going to jail or prison. Three out of five people in U.S. prisons can't read, 85 percent of all juvenile offenders who are involved in criminal activities rate as functionally or marginally illiterate (meaning they can't read nor write), 70% of prisoners in state and federal systems can be classified as illiterate.

Racial disparities are also a factor in Wisconsin's prison and jail incarceration rates, according to a Wisconsin State Journal article: Black Wisconsinites, in particular, make up just less than 8% of the population but constitute 60% of offenders held for crimes committed when they were young. Wisconsin has a higher percentage of prisoners incarcerated for crimes they committed as youth than any state except Louisiana. Also highlighted in the article is more than 7% of Wisconsinites in adult prisons are there for crimes they committed when they were 17 or younger, more than double the percentage nationwide (Article Source:"Wisconsin has 2nd highest percentage of prisoners locked up for crimes committed as youth,"  Wisconsin State Journal, May 23, 2023).

Community Huddle prison and juvenile outreach ministry will hold Christmas Day bible study spreading joy, good tidings and good cheer in our efforts to reduce recidivism and mass incarceration.

Community Huddle 'Christmas Breakfast'

For Immediate Release
December 16, 2023
Contact: [email protected]

Community Huddle will serve Christmas Day Breakfast at The Guest House of Milwaukee homeless shelter on Christmas Day, December 25th, 2023.

We are spreading good tidings and good cheer by serving our homeless and providing community resources, this in conjunction with our Winter Drive for the homeless.

Community Huddle 'Winter Drive For The Homeless'

For Immediate Release
December 16, 2023
Contact: [email protected]

Community Huddle has teamed up with Starbucks (76th & Good Hope Rd. location) for its 'Winter Gloves, Hats, Scarves & Socks Drive' for the homeless.

When you donate these new items it will help someone at a local-area homeless shelter stay warm during the cold winter holiday season.

Our Winter Drive for the Homeless will run from now thru February 16th, 2024.

You can donate new adult items at two locations: Starbucks (7335 W. Good Hope Rd.); and Community Huddle (2745 N. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive - BMO-Harris Bank lobby).


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